Volunteer Your Services

There is constantly a need to manage the archives. Collections need to be sorted through, organized  and assessed to determine it eligibility in being included in the archive. To date I have been doing this by myself. I have been organizing my own images, but there is still the other collections that are in need of attention and I will dab into them periodically but I’ve only scratched the surface of what they hold. 
With Covid-19 restrictions in place there are no organized meetings to work on the archives. Once restrictions are lifted and it is safe to socialize again we will organize archiving workshops. Keep in tune for more information about these opportunities.
In the sorting process the images that deserve to be digitized will be scheduled in to the archiving process. Some digitizing will not required skilled operators once the workstation is set up.  The archives are presently located in Bracebridge Ontario so if you are in the area or plan to visit and would like to offer your time please contact us and we will let you know when there is an opportunity to help.
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