Original Collections

One of the most important responsibilities of the CMSA is to protect the copyrights of creators of the photographic images while also providing safe storage of the materials, both digital and hard copies.

Determining if an image is in the public domain will be one of the responsibilities of the CMSA. In Canada, most works pass into the public domain after fifty years following the end of the calendar year in which the author died. However, while a work may be in the public domain, a specific edition or image of the work may be under copyright. This is important to remember. Creators can also donate their material as public domain.

The collections included in our vaults have all been donated by the creator or their family with copyright being transferred to CMSA in return for safekeeping.

It is also important that the archives be available for the general public to view through the searchable website library but with restrictions on the download of files to approved users.

To date, CMSA is the recipient of the following extensive collections:

• Bill Petro – Professional photographer. Trained as a studio product photographer, Bill has filled his weekends chasing various motorsports events as a photojournalist since 1972 and is still at it today. Bill’s early involvement with Cycle Canada Magazine helped shape his love of all things motorcycle. His extensive coverage of important motorcycle race events during the 1970’s is second to none. This collection continues to be a popular research library for motorcycle historians around the world.

• John Hands – An amateur photographer whose collection of motorcycle racing events from the late 1960s to the mid-1980s covers off-road competitions including enduro, motocross and flat track.

• Reg Fife – The editor at CRV publications for many years, which included boating, snowmobile and recreation magazines. This collection includes hundreds of colour slides from snowmobile racing.

• Dan Proudfoot – A motorsport journalist who has written for newspapers and magazines around the world, Dan has donated his research notes, providing up-close and personal reflections on famous racing drivers.

• Cycle Canada Magazine – CSMA has acquired the complete research archive from Canada’s most prominent and respected motorcycle magazine, including all research materials for articles published from 1971 to 2019.

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