Archive Research Service

We are constantly reminded of the costs incurred in the storage and digitizing of these archives. To date we have been able to cover these expenses with the time and money from a few dedicated people. But these funds are slowly running out and a plea for donations will always be present. The monthly costs for storage and the website hosting still have to be covered and we are turning to you to help us with sending in your donations. Any amount you can help out with will keep the archive growing.

Until we can build up a healthy reserve of funds we find it necessary to charge a small fee for some of the services offered by CMSA.

Research time by CMSA staff or volunteer
$20.00 per hr (Minimum 1 hr)
Scans or copies of printed matter
$30.00 per hr   (Minimum 1 hr)
Scans or copies of slides or negatives
$35.00 per image. (includes one time publishing rights for editorial use.)

The fee for editorial publishing rights for images that are presently available from the digital Library will be assessed based on usage starting at $35.00 per image with credit to the author and CMSA.

Publishing rights on images for commercial use will be determined on a case by case basis for each image. Taking into account the use and intended the audience 

Any fees charged for Services will go right back into helping keep these important archives available for many years.

Research fees, Licensing fees and the sale of CMSA special edition prints from its extensive library will help contribute to the cost of maintaining proper storage space for the research material which includes magazines, books. race programs, original film archives, digital media. Also to be considered is the cost of digitizing and storing the data properly. 

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