The Plan

To date the CMSA has been financed by the personal funds of Bill Petro and loans from a few supporters. With completion of the website CMSA is in the ongoing process of adding data to the archive as it opens its doors to the public.

Collection, research, organization and digitization of contributed images and materials will continue to be done by volunteers when ever possible but, will likely require professional digitizing services for some of the bigger projects.

The digital collections will be kept on a computer system with redundant copies. Select images and material will be uploaded to the searchable on-line archive.

Churchill Digital – a digital archiving company owned and operated by Bill Petro, co-founder of CMSA, is responsible for the digitizing of the CMSA archives and has been providing digital archiving services to the corporate community since 2007. Finding a home for Bill Petro’s 45-year Motorsports image library was the inspiration for the creation of CMSA.

Funding to this point has been provided by personal and borrowed funds but as we go forward a more reliable source will be needed to survive. CMSA has set out to obtain funding from the following:

  • Government – Finding the right programs will be a priority as there are numerous federal and provincial programs available.  
  • Corporate – support through advertising on the website and on select mobile displays at consumer shows and racing events.
  • Images from the Archive – Copies of the prints in the archive will be available for sale.
  • Donations from the public.


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