The Racing Motorcycle

A technical guide for constructors
Year Published: 1996
Author: John Bradley

Designing, building or modifying motorcycles for racing is a very time consuming and expensive process. Success depends on numerous factors, many of which are rarely discussed in detail. In this unique book, the author looks at engine characteristics, gearing, geometry, aerodynamics and suspension, all of which are crucial to performance. Important formulae and dimensions are duplicated in both metric and Imperial units of measure. Although the book is primarily written for engineers, the clear style and layout will appeal to non-specialists. A second volume will cover materials and practical construction techniques.

 John Bradley has more than 25 years experience of building and racing motorcycles. He has competed in grass track, trials, speedway and roadracing events using bikes of his own design and is a former National winner and lap record holder. He is also a chartered engineer.

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