American Racing

Year Published: 1996
Author: Tom Burnside

Road Racing in the 50’s and 60’s

 American Racing is an intensely intimate and revealing portrait in photographs and words of some of the greatest moments in the history of road racing.

 It was the 1950s. European-style road racing was just coming into its own in the Americas. Europe’s factory teams began arriving in force to conquer this new frontier.

 Momentum gathered quickly. Legendary venues such as Scbring and Watkins Glen, Nassau, Cuba, Venezuela and Mosport sprang into being, as did obscure airport and private road courses with names like Cumberland and Bridgehampton, Montgomery, Beverly and Brynfan Tyddyn.

 For most of the 1950s and “60s, at these circuits and others up and down the Easterm Coast of America and inland as far as Elkhart Lake and Eagle Mountain, photojournalist Tom Burnside chronicled the flowering of American motorsport from an insider’s point of view.

 Illuminating Burnside’s powerful and evocative photographs of the cars, the people, and the racing scene is a fascinating and personal retelling of these amazing events by motoring journalist Denise McCluggage, then one of America’s best race drivers.

 American Racing captures the feel and look of racing as never before. The extraordinary photographs in this book perfectly portray the spirit and energy of an era, and will stand as the defining images of the American racing scene in a time that has all but faded from memory,

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