American Racer

Year Published: 1979
Author: Stephen Wright

American Racer covers the first forty years of American machines in compe- tition. The photographs have been reproduced in a large format allowing the reader a closer look at the machines and riders. The captions include technical information on the machines and documents the careers of the riders. All types of American racing machines are featured; Harley-Davidson, Indian, Excelsior, Cyclone, Pope, Thor, Merkel, and many more. In many instances the races are documented with on-the-spot coverage from the original publications whose reporters were there to tell the story exactly as it unfolded. Cartoons, catalog extracts and letters all help to reconstruct the atmosphere of the times. The reader will learn of the develoment of the various machines and the men behind the designs and modifications which brought about the intense competition between the different manufacturing companies. There are many first-hand accounts of the races by surviving racers; Maldwyn Jones, Dave Kinnie, and “Red” Wulverton among them.  

During the forty years covered in American Racer many American machines found their way to England, Australia and New Zealand where they achieved great success. These events are accounted for in contributed chapters by respected Journalists who give insight into the popularity of the sport around the world and the importance of the American machine in the history of motorcycle racing.  

Megden Publishing Company was formed by the author and this is the first of a series on American motorcycles. The second book, American Racer 1940- I980, will be a companion volume.

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